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Slave Token (Brass Manilla)
Price £10 each comes in a box and in an outer wrapper with the text below on a piece of paper.

Ships Name Douro.U.K.flag
Built 1839, Sunderland

Ship Type ; Sail

Ships Captain  T. Gowland

On route from Liverpool to Oporto.
Wreck took place in thick fog.
With a heavy ground sea, on Western rocks.
Round Rock, Isles Of Scilly, on 28-1-1843
Cargo described as `armoury and brass stops`.

The wreck site was located around 1972.
It revealed many thousands of Brass `Manillas` Otherwise known as Slave Tokens.

Of which has led to some speculation that the Douro
was in fact a slave trader.
Bound for South Africa
Although this is unsupported.